What if you didn’t have to walk down this path alone? What if we could educate and guide you along the way?

Our 20 years of experience can help advocate for your best care. As end-of-life doulas, we fill in the gaps in hospice care. We help create legacies and memories, conduct rituals, plan vigils and create guided visualizations.

What if you and your loved ones could have real, meaningful conversations about your wishes? What if your loved ones helped create the story of your life, and that story lived on forever?

We will facilitate these conversations and help gather those closest to you and perform a tribute or ritual that speaks to you. We will create an atmosphere that offers you the most emotional and spiritual support.

What if we could connect you and your loved ones to spiritual counselors, grief specialists, and other professionals? 

We have a vast network of professionals to support you as needed. Our training and experience offer various modalities that are available to you and your family. 

FareWell Doula is here to answer all of your what-ifs and take the burden away from you.